About me

942039_4911059975463_469612559_nI am a stay-at-home mom of 3 amazing, fabulous, brilliant, but often pain-in-the-ass kiddos. Kendall is five, very smart and now she’s loving kindergarten. She is also the loudest, most energetic kid I have ever known and is a total daddy’s girl. I have been nothing compared to her daddy in her eyes since she was about 6-months-old. Peyton is three and is happiest in a fancy dress. She is clung onto me 24 hours each day including the multiple times she wakes up each night. She thinks I’m the greatest person ever and she’s pretty darn cute…but not at 3:00am. Luca is the little boy I never wanted and I’m so thrilled that he’s mine. He is the easiest, most laid back baby ever. He also thinks I’m wonder woman and has yet to develop and annoying habits to speak of. I’m sure that will change once he can walk and speak.

I am married to a crazy workaholic who is the general manager of an awesome restaurant. He is a wonderful husband and father. That being said, his passion and commitment to the job and industry he loves keeps him at work for more hours than a man with two fulltime jobs leaving me to raise our kids mostly on my own.

Although I currently spend my days as a wife and mother I am also a certified teacher, a certified event planner and I have a degree is Mass Communications. I’m a tell it like I see it kind of girl, a fiercely loyal friend and (I’m told) a bit of a heartless bitch. It all makes for an interesting combination.

This blog is my thoughts, opinions and experience as a restaurant widow and a semi-single parent searching for a little bit of sanity in an otherwise crazy life.


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