Perfectly Timed Misbehaving

I’m beginning to think that my kids are against me. Seriously. Even the baby.

I feel like every time I have a big day, a fun outing or a special event planned they are extra crabby or just behave terribly.

Today we were invited to a friend’s home for an American Girl Doll Tea Party. First, let me say that this is completely not my thing. I don’t buy my children those over priced dolls and I’m not into these cutesy little girl parties. I was only excited to go because other adults would be there and maybe I’d get to have a conversation with someone who has knowledge beyond kindergarten. My husband had to work (big surprise) so once again I was on my own for the party.

Last night my middle child had an unbelievable, code red, Level 10, thermonuclear meltdown. This was the kind of meltdown during which they actually leave their body so no amount of talking or soothing is going to bring this to an end. I ended up locking myself into my room and let her continue her fit alone outside my door until she began to dose off. Just before 10pm (two full hours after I had initially tucked her sweetly into bed) I opened the door. There she was finally quite and she was just sleepy enough to be considered calm. I walked her back into her bed.

I shouldn’t have been surprised by this meltdown. I wish I could say this was incredibly uncommon for her, but it isn’t. I am thankful to say it is becoming more rare than it once was, but it is a battle I’m still fighting to get her to see that she will never get anything from me by having a fit. I was worried that her late meltdown combined with her finally going to bed two hours after bedtime would make her a real grump for the party this afternoon. She woke up a little crabby but quickly changed her tune. Yay!

The baby also must have known I had something going on because he woke up this morning very grumpy. My youngest little darling is not a crabby kid. He is the easiest baby because he is totally laid back and doesn’t get bothered by almost anything. He (along with the others) has been sick lately. They all got a nasty respiratory infection that, for the baby, got so bad that he’s been getting breathing treatments with a nebulizer and Albuterol three times daily for most of this week. But his behavior this morning was exceptionally grouchy. Naptime, lunch time and another naptime came and went with no improvement in his demeanor. I was now dreading this party.

During the three hours that we were at the tea party the baby barely let me put him down. This is also strange for him because he is usually very social and wants to explore his environment and meet everyone personally. He also spit up on me. Of course he would spit up all over me. I actually remembered the midday dose of his acid reflux medication which is supposed to prevent his excessive spitting up.

The girls had a blast at the party and I was surprised that Peyton made it all the way through without getting tired from her fit last night. I left feeling like it had been a battle to keep my man happy.

How is it that they always know that something is going on and exactly how to make it 100 times more difficult? I don’t even tell them about these types of things until it is time to get dressed to leave and they still act foolish leading up to every event.

Kids must have a sixth sense about these things. They feel that you’re trying to do everything possible to keep them on their regular schedule or keep them in a positive frame of mind. They know something is going on regardless of how hard I try to hide it.

Kids are just freaks like that.


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