October 16, 2012

This was the conversation earlier tonight at my dinner table while the Nightly News was on…
Kendall: See him, Peyton. That’s Ritt Momney.
Peyton: Ritt Mommy?
Kendall: No, silly! Ritt MomNEY.
Peyton: Oh.
Kendall: And that guy is Uh-rock Obama. Can you say Uh-rock Obama?
Peyton: Uh-rock Omama.
Kendall: Good girl!
Meanwhile, I’m sitting there trying not to let spaghetti come out of my nose from laughing.

Earlier that same day…
Driving Kendall to school this morning she was explaining to me how the crosswalk signs direct people through traffic…
Me: How’d you get so smart?
Kendall: Because, mommy, I know everything!


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