2% Milk

While my children and I were on our recent cross country trip, my husband was left to fend for himself. No big deal since he runs a fabulous restaurant. He eats there and comes home just to shower and sleep . I didn’t even bother with the shopping leading up to our departure. There wasn’t even any milk left in our house when we left. For a household with 3 small kids, that is rarity. Two days before we returned I sent a short list to my husband, just a few necessities to prevent a shopping trip immediately upon our return.

I didn’t notice the milk at first. I think the exhaustion of our long drive and nine days out of town was having a stronger impact on my brain than I realized. My 5-year-old daughter noticed it first. “Mommy, that’s green milk!” She was right. In our local supermarket 2% milk is capped with a green top and has a green label. It was wrong. Kendall knew it was wrong but the hubs didn’t know he had gotten the wrong milk. The milk itself is no big deal really. We usually drink 1% so the difference is minimal and, other than the different color bottle, our girls would probably never notice the change.

It got me thinking… What else does he not know? Let’s forget about shoe and clothing sizes. Those things change so frequently that they are easily forgotten. None of our kids have any allergies so that is a non-issue. Does he know the name of the baby’s medication or which pharmacy holds the prescription? Does he know the dose of the over-the-counter medication Kendall has to take daily? Could he identify the kids’ doctors? Does he know the passwords to our online accounts? Could he locate important documents? If something happens to me…  Oh my…

I have always told both of our mothers that if I am ever hit by a bus (or any other type of catastrophic event) my husband will need help. The reality is, he’ll need WAY more than help. He’ll need a new me to take over every non-work aspect of his entire life. His life, and possibly those of our children, would be thrown into a whirlwind. Obviously, my untimely death is one major issue, but not being able to access our money, pay our bills or obtain their medications during that time would make things so much worse. I don’t know for sure that he would know how to manage this household if I were suddenly gone.

I have known for a long time that I carry a heavier burden in this house. He goes to work and earns 100% of our income but beyond that nearly everything falls on me. I do everything to keep this family functioning and I worry about how this little family would manage if I could no longer do it all.

My worry is about this little family above all else. It is not at all about the fat content of milk.


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